The doors of Life Design International School opened on May 22, 22.

The doors of Life Design International School opened on May 22, 2022. Over the past year, dozens of students and clients from fifteen different nationalities have passed through the school in personal and online collaboration.

There is a highly intensive interest in courses and education in Personal Design, specifically the ‘Living Your Design’ course, as well as in individual, relational, family, talent, and career counseling within the Human Design analysis.

I have been invited to conferences and numerous personality development events with a Human Design workshop titled “Day with Your Uniqueness,” aiming to introduce to a wider audience a system for working with human uniqueness and potential.

The professional coaching courses are continuously filled at the School of Conscious Coaching and Leadership in Prague, coaches are active in individual mentoring, and they are enhancing coaching skills through private lessons.

In collaboration with the GABI Foundation, education supports families affected by eating disorders.

With this, I warmly welcome you to the official website and open the doors as a testament to partnership and collaboration for both private and corporate purposes. Their main intense is to transform individual and intercultural differences into sources of inspiration and mutual respect.