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Martina Fau

Life Design International School

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Martina has an unique ability to uplift those around her, ignite their passions, and transform energy. She is a woman fully living every moment, capable of motivating you to find your best and realize your dreams.


She is the founder of the Life Design International School, a force for transformation, and co-creates opportunities to explore our full human potential.


Martina radiates a wonderful energy combined with a love for life, which authentically translates into her roles as a professional coach, teacher, mentor, informal leader, and a role model for many. The essence of her teaching and transformation is in the synthesis of excellent methodology with practical experience.


Engaged in the global business arena for nearly 25 years, Martina’s thousands of hours spent with people have shown her that everyone is capable of much more than assumed, given excellent guidance and support.

my milestones

Life’s journey doesn’t come into existence in a moment. My professional journey has been shaping itself for nearly 30 years.

Even at the age of 10, I observed a passion for the uniqueness of people. I read and followed hundreds of life stories and was fascinated by the journey and obstacles towards success.

At the age of 20, I went to study and work in the USA and returned with the realization that not only is human potential an endless ocean of opportunities, but also how much impact differences between cultures have on inspiration and respect.

At the age of 30, I had completed both economic and psychological university studies and accumulated years of experience in a corporate career. My path led me to start my own business, assuming roles of a professional PCC ICF coach, mentor, and trainer.


Today, I co-lead the Czech coaching school “Conscious Coaching and Leadership” with Vladimir Kludaj https://vedomy-koucink.cz/cesta-kouce/, and I’m a board member of the GABI Fund https://www.nadacnifondgabi.cz/, which supports individuals with eating disorders.

My clients range from major global brands like Google, T-Mobile, Generali, VSE, and UTB universities to numerous individual and team clients from around the world who are transforming their lives, businesses, cultures, and levels of thinking and communication.

Currently, I strive to contribute to an effective modern education system in the field of human potential development at a global level.


I am creating my own educational methods and programs that I know work and have an impact on human health, uniqueness, and quality of life. With this purpose in mind, the Life Design International School project was born as a means of sharing experiences.


Education for everyone, regardless of age or demographic location.

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