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Among clients and business partners on individual and group projects, there are corporations such as T-Mobile, Google, Generali, educational institutions like the VSE University of Economics in Prague and UTB Tomas Bata University in Zlín, as well as many private companies and individuals who value personal development and perceive individual qualities as part of a successful synergy in collective cooperation.

The best coach I know. Clear, practical, humorous, and absolutely professional.
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Elegant, energetic, and inspiring. Exceptional talent with people, flawless group communication.
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Quick and precise in analyzing individual needs. Unmatched experience with anyone else.
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Provides practical examples, hands-on experience, rigor, and exceptional value. An amazing experience.
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Martina has given me more in education and practicality than anyone else.
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Displays excellent sensitivity to intercultural differences. Highly effective and almost magical in leading courses.
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short reading

and I no longer wanted to be like others. I started looking at myself as not being different but being special! This has helped me love myself more and appreciate the gifts I offer to others.  It is a wonderful tool to discover more about oneself.

Human Design is very tangible, detailed and ‘tailormade’. I’ve learned exactly where my potential lies and how to maximize it.

I am not running away from difficult situations, I am only retreating until I feel in my sacral center that it is time to respond. 

…. and experiencing a way to release the pressure and empty my cup is so valuable. With an empty cup new impulses have room to show up.  These impulses are my best guides.

….and bring me in my flow.  When in flow I sparkle and am a charismatic inspiration for other people.

….and why I don’t see my own talents when  people around me are applauding my talents. Recognizing now that when others pull me out and encourage me, I feel the green light to just  ‘do it’.

…. with my charisma and my talent focuses on how they can move ahead. My impulses reveal how to do it. When these impulses open my potential expands and guides me in the right direction and protects me from making poor decisions.

I am so grateful for these guidelines to ‘be’ the best ‘me’.

Martina seems to know me better than I know myself


 I learned so much about myself and took away many gifts that I use everyday. I feel I can live a much richer life now that I know myself on a deeper level. I am more conscious and present and I understand my triggers. Martina, you are an incredible soul who has encouraged me to be curious, ask questions and explore deeper . I felt a deep connection with her during our session and I love that we even had some giggles. Martina is a bridge between self awareness and self management bringing powerful consciousness into the world. Martina stands for helping people understand the best version of themselves.

She gave me a Human Design reading which completely changed my way of working and understanding how I need to channel, best use my time and way of working to get the best results. Finding out that I am a projector and I work best in small bursts of energy or inspiration and can’t work hours on end as it will drain me and I hate that. I never understood why I needed rest or breaks in between and I always tried to fit into being another way.

Ultimately I now understand that it is the way I work best and this has freed up so much space and energy for me to focus on what I am good at and from that, I thrive.

Another thing I discovered from my reading is that I need to do what I do and love and share it without any expectation for the right people to show up and be interested. Selling the hard way doesn’t work for me and never felt comfortable doing that. I also learned that things work better when I use my voice a lot to process what is going on.

Now I also understand why I love talking so much! Talking with people is how I grow in my life and in my business. I also realize the importance of using my voice to inspire, teach and share.

Then my husband and I invited Martina to come and stay with us in Belgium and she did a Human Design session with him. It is the first time I saw him so open to coaching!

Martina meets you where you are at, she establishes trust in a relaxed and positive manner and she focuses on bringing out the best in you.

Martina then went around our house and did Feng Shui so our house could better support our transformation. What a gift! Martina is reliable, passionate and truly cares.

My expectations were exceeded multiple times. Martina is a person with great life force and energy. What I appreciate most about her is her ability to empathize with the situation in which the coachee finds themselves and lead with the empathy that comes naturally to her. Each session was pleasant, relaxed, exceptional, yet challenging. She managed to awaken strength and a desire to solve long-suppressed, overlooked, and deferred problems within me. Under Martina’s guidance, I found solutions for situations I once thought were unsolvable. Through coaching, I developed respect for myself, my needs, and personal priorities. I learned to see things from multiple perspectives, connect the dots, and acquired techniques that continue to help me overcome obstacles. I believe that Martina possesses not only professional knowledge and coaching skills but what makes her an outstanding coach is primarily her personality and the gift to quickly ‘map’ a person and skillfully guide them with ‘intricate’ questions to where they want to be, where they feel good, and where they can appreciate themselves. Thanks to Martina, I am there today.with Martina, I felt like I was missing something, struggling to achieve my goals, and lacking the necessary strength. To my great surprise, I achieved my first positive feelings already during the initial session. Throughout subsequent sessions, I realized that I can achieve anything. I owe this shift in mindset to my coach, who guided me towards believing in myself. Through well-directed questions, she helped me sort out my thoughts and find the ‘right’ values that motivate and energize me. Self-confidence, mental balance, and peace came naturally. All our sessions revolved around my dreams, and now they are coming true. Martina is friendly, understanding, and an excellent listener. Her ability to foster enthusiasm and maintain a positive attitude during coaching sessions, along with her openness to any ideas, fueled me with energy during coaching. Now I can use that energy to bring my dreams to life. The significant characteristic that I immensely admire in Martina is her humility. From my own work experience, I know that many instructors lack this ‘quality,’ and without it, a human approach is simply not possible.

Martina was always willing and receptive to finding new and meaningful results. Through coaching, she helped me uncover hidden strengths and abilities that I was afraid to express or didn’t even know I had. We always arrived at the best outcome when addressing questions from different aspects of my professional and private life.

Martina reliably and professionally led me through a transformation that a good friend would wish for me, but would hardly know how to assist me with. I always considered Martina one of the hardest working and most capable women around, if not the best, but after our intense collaboration, I must bow deeply because it exceeded all my expectations. I gained trust in myself, something I had been missing, and thanks to that, life feels much lighter and happier. A big THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you!

She helped me open the closed drawers of my mind that lay dormant. I knew about them, but I lacked the strength to open them. Through a thorough and consistent process, I regained what I had dreamed of. Whenever I thought there was no way, she led me to a new perspective where I found a new angle. The coaching sessions were primarily beneficial for my professional life and significantly impacted my personal life as well. Now, I can look at many things with a broader perspective. Martina is truly in the right place. Her personal and professional approach was friendly in every direction.

We spent three months together, and she proved to be an excellent coach – open, warm, and positive. She could grasp the essence of things precisely, with great delicacy and humanity. She could sense the atmosphere of the moment and utilize it for progress. Our sessions were motivating, creative, but also consistent and demanding. I thank Martina for helping me map areas of my life and set a course towards what is essential to me. I now perceive the circle I once wandered in from an aerial perspective.