Living your design course


The Living Your Design Course is a transformational journey that can change your life and and the way you perceive the possibilities of human potential.


It teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.


It will teach you a clear way of your inner functioning, decision-making, and clarify working with your talents.


The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or not for us individually.


Participants Feedback:



Human Design Tutoring 

Deepening, Exploring and Expanding the Foundations, Theories, Interconnections, and Practical use in everyday life.


Mentoring for everybody who wants to dive deep into Human Design education at any level.


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personal consultation

  • Uniqueness, full potential, personal direction 
  • Partnership understanding and mutual support
  • Assisting families with child development and in their communication
  • Analysis of talents in teams
  • Career suitable guidance

Individual coaching and workshops for groups.


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trainers academy

The Trainers Academy is designed for all those who wish to become top professional guides for their courses, workshops, and lectures in alignment with natural personal qualities and style.

For those who resonate with following messages:

  • Become a briliant lecturer who can inspire and bring value along with an unforgettable experience.
  • Don’t seek marketing tips. You will create own structure, organization, and supporting scripts.
  • You will learn to tune into the group, respond to the dynamics, and refine your leadership and communication.
  • Forget about the fear of a cold atmosphere.
  • Show your real potential of your presentation, skills, and knowledge.
  • Leave behind satisfied participants eager for further collaboration.
  • Elevate your unique expression and pedagogical style to create courses that are unforgettable.

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Personal consultation

Is it time to move on?


Enhancing the quality with added value in the field of personal development of your work and impact?


Refresh your trainings, workshops, communication, or a personal style?


Don’t you know where to start? 

Do you have specific requirements?


  • Analysis of the situation
  • Solution proposal
  • Collaboration


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Individual and group collaboration on theoretical and practical improvement of coaching skills and competencies according to the standards of the ICF International Coach Federation.

  • Analysis of current coaching skills
  • Option for evaluation of conversations, recordings
  • Improvement plan
  • Individual coaching
  • Mentoring and supervision


1 Year Coach’s Journey

  • Coaching Communication – 2 days
  • Conscious Coach – 5 months
  • Professional Coach – 3 months
  • Mentoring for ACC|PCC
  • Certification Supervision

Application for Professional Coaching Education in Czech language: “Vědomý koučink” 



Link to Professional International Certificate

Mentoring for ACC | PCC ICF

10-hour course as a full package of professional mentorings for ACC/ PCC ICF certification and exam.  

  • Group mentoring – 7 hours
  • Individual mentoring – 3 hours
  • Over 3 months
  • Support of taking a credential by “portfolio way”

Power and Energy of Questions

  • 1-day Workshop
  • Ecology of Questions
  • Completely Different Perspective
  • Powerful Impactful Questions
  • Concrete Techniques and a List
  • Learning from Conversations and Interaction 

Participants Workshop Feedback:


CZ: “Anyone who wants to ignite must burn, and Martina is a coaching torch. Questions are a powerful tool. Not just for coaches. And when someone passionately and zealously talks about it, it’s pure joy and a concert. Thanks, Martina, for 5 hours of inspiration. It was time well spent and a great investment.”


SK: “On September 2, 2020, I attended a workshop with Martina on the topic ‘Energy and Power of Questions.’ Even though it’s currently a 4-hour drive or more from Bratislava to Prague by car, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. I’ve been involved in coaching for about a year now, and I try to seize every relevant opportunity to learn new things, new perspectives, and approaches to this amazing work. After 5 hours, I was disappointed that it was already over because I felt like we could have talked, modeled, and coached on this amazing topic for a few more hours. Martina brought high dedication and amazing energy to the whole event. It wasn’t about a list of coaching questions; it was about the way of thinking before asking the question. It was about the parameters of questions, about their energy. I think even experienced coaches will benefit from this and will hear and see something new, original in the area of formulating questions for clients and working with questions and client perception. The beautiful environment and homemade refreshments added the cherry on top. Only when I got home did I appreciate the ‘list’ of questions, which was part of the working material, but I didn’t look at it during the event. It’s not so much a list of questions as it is a very well-structured framework of coaching conversation expressed through questions. At least, that’s how I perceive it, and I warmly recommend this workshop with Martina.”


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